Set up Resources

Set up resource units in health facilities and training/research institutions to facilitate health information dissemination, training and application of evidence-based approaches by health providers and researchers.

Help researchers

Help researchers, health workers and policy makers to acquire basic skills in research synthesis and health technology assessment through short courses, seminars, workshops and interactive distant learning opportunities on the internet.

Disseminate research

Disseminate research evidence for effective treatment and control of endemic diseases and other common health problems.


Collaborate with other organizations committed to providing better health care through research promotion and research information dissemination.


Facilitate the preparation of Systematic reviews of health care interventions relevant to effective health care in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


The EHCAP Nigeria undertakes the following capacity building activities:
  1. Introduction to health technology assessment (HTA)
  2. How to prepare systematic reviews of health intervention, and use of the relevant computer software for meta-analysis.
  3. Introduction to critical appraisal of scientific research
  4. Methods in clinical auditing and guidelines development
  5. Collaborate with others to run workshops in research methodology, proposal writing and data analysis.


Dissemination of essential health intervention research information:
  1. Media round-table discussions with Journalists
  2. Improving access to Cochrane Library and other evidence-based health resources
  3. Preparation and dissemination of essential summaries of Cochrane reviews (Cochrane Nigeria infosheet and social media).
  4. Facilitating the preparation and dissemination of evidence-based IEC material to help consumers to take better decisions about their own health care.


Getting Research Into Policy And Practice (GRIPP):
  1. Facilitating the development of evidence-based guidelines for clinical and public health practice.
  2. Facilitating the preparation of evidence-based health policy documents to enhance advocacy and policy decisions on major health problems.
  3. Piloting small projects to demonstrate implementation of essential health research findings.