In April 2001,the Nigerian section of EHCAP was established with an overall set goal to promote better healthcare for people living in and around Nigeria by facilitating the synthesis, dissemination and application of reliable research results. The centre which was established under the Tropical Project for Evidence Based Medicine (TPEBM) is committed to facilitatingskills development and building indigenous capacity for effective implementation of evidence-based health care methods by health providers and researchers in Nigeria. The setting up of resource units in Public Health facilities and training/research institutions to facilitate health information dissemination through the application of evidence based approaches. The project, through the College of Medical Sciences, University of Calabar is collaborating with the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Calabar and the Cross River State Ministry of Health is facilitating getting more people in Nigeria and adjoining countries in the West and Central Africa to do critical appraisal of research reports and the carrying out of systematic reviews. Till date the centre has some African health practitioners for the Mentorship Fellowship programme at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK.

Some others have been trained in the relevant computer software for meta-analysis on how to prepare systematic reviews of health intervention research. Also, the project would be introducing the health technology assessment (HTA) through collaboration with the PREMA-EU.

Professor Paul Garner head of the International Health Research Group, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and UK coordinates the EHCAP international. It has grown into a huge global research network operating in 13 countries. Its aim is to increase the number of decisions in the health care sector in low and middle-income countries based on the best available evidence, with a commitment to getting more people to do systematic reviews.

The programme includes a range of related research dissemination and implementation projects related to Cochrane systematic reviews in all areas of health care relevant to low and middle-income countries, and the Tropics. EHCAP is commissioned by the Department of International Development, UK and indicates their commitment to evidence based approaches.
The Effective Health Care Alliance Programme seeks to promote better health care for people in developing countries through the implementation of evidence-based methods.

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